Coal plays a vital role in meeting global energy needs and is critical to infrastructure development – 38% of the world’s electricity and 71% of the world’s steel is produced using coal.

Our Approach

We are providing coals in different qualities for bricks kiln and factories all over in Pakistan and we are also providing carriage for coal transpiration

Aims & Objectives

Zubair Coals has set itself seven objectives: 1. To promote the development and utilization of coal reserves for meeting present and likely future requirements of the national economy with due regard to the need for conservation of non-renewable resources and safety of mine workers. 2. To raise the productivity of coal mining and related activities through the introduction of improved technology, streamlining, or organization and management, and improving the skills and motivation of the workforce. 3. To generate surpluses by optimum utilization of productive capacity, improving the efficiency of operations, and adopting appropriate cost reduction and cost control methods. 4. To make efficient arrangements for marketing and supply of coal so that coal, coke, and other similar derivatives are available to consumers conveniently and at reasonable prices. 5. To promote research and development activities on a continuing basis in the areas of coal mining, beneficiation, development of new coal-based products or by-products, fuel technology etc. 6. To set up suitable training facilities with a view to upgrading the knowledge and skills of employees in different categories and enabling them to make full use of their capabilities. 7. To look after the welfare of the employees and to promote the establishment and maintenance of healthy relations between management and workers.


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